Got Questions about Therapy?

Here are some answers to get you started

I help those struggling with anxiety and relationships.  If those are two areas you need support in I can help.  Before I book you in to see you, I schedule a 20 minute consult with you.  This allows us both to really understand what you might want from our time together.

This is a great question!  So here are the steps.  You send me an email or directly book a consult here.  I then send you a welcome email from my online system that asks you to fill out a questionnaire. 
(Whoa – a questionnaire.  I just want to talk to you.)  The questionnaire actually helps us laser focus in our phone call together.  See you get to take this time to briefly fill out what has been happening.  I also ask you to tell me what are your goals.  This is a shift in mind-set from here is what I am struggling with to this is what I want.
This part is really important.  Our time together is about moving you towards your goals.  It is not just about feeling your feelings 🙂
I review this questionnaire before our call and then we spend our discussing how we can work together and I tell you what I can provide for you.
I provide the structure and support during this call so that you can really see whether you would be comfortable working with me.
If after our call you or I don’t feel like we are a good fit, I refer you to other therapists who might be better suited to you.

I help clients with a lot of issues as they come up.  I get ongoing training and supervision to provide support to you.  So yes, I specialise in anxiety and relationships but I offer a lot of support in other issues.  I will only take you on as a client if I feel I can work towards your goals.

The first session is a time for me to really hear what has been happening for you.  Based on what has been going on I might ask you about your family, your partner, your career.  The first session is to help me get a bigger picture of your life.  I set the pace for how we are going to work and I don’t rush you.  I help you slow down and listen to your body from the first session.

Totally fair question.  During our phone consult, I am looking at what you want to work on.  Based on that I can let you know what is possible given the time that you want to work together.

From our first session, we are looking and thinking about termination.  And good clinical results.

I often tell clients that people stay in therapy with me because they can see the changes that have happened and they want to dig deeper and get to a better place for themselves.  Usually, my clients stay in therapy because they are getting a lot out of the process and realise they want to work on a few more things.

I do see clients during the work day, sometimes when they are at work.  During our sessions together, I help you slow down.  I work to look at what’s not working and help you see what might be supportive.  We get deep quickly, but I also support you to close each session.  This means that you are impacted by the new experience of what we have done in session, you are going to be thinking about it.

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