Need help with Anxiety?

Discover the difference therapy can make.

Need help with Anxiety?

Discover the difference therapy can make.

Going into a therapist's office can feel intimidating. Are your problems serious enough? Are they going to judge you?

First, no intimidating therapist’s office. Connect with me online, wherever you are.  

Second, finding support shouldn’t be so intimidating. Talking with a professional is not the same as just listing all of your problems out. 

I offer you highly specialised solutions, I focus on your goals, I have a clear plan of attack that you can feel working.  I will challenge and cheer you on.  So you can get into better emotional and mental health.  

Hi, I'm Olethea!

I became a therapist because I saw how much therapy transformed me. It changed my relationship to myself, family and partner.

I am a Registered Psychotherapist with the College of Psychotherapists and I continuously learn from brilliant therapists who are leaders in their field. I chose to study Gestalt therapy because of its emphasis on personal development.

Working together means:

Most of all, working with me means support to grow

I love to equip you with new tools & then move out of your way.  If you are ready to make supported change  –   I can help.  Let’s connect so that you can feel successful without the anxiety.

Therapy is not forever. We go in -- do the work, then you're on your way. Ready to let go of the same problems & patterns?
Let's connect.

Let's Connect