Slow down the anxiety and racing thoughts

Stay Focused on Your Goals

Slow down the anxiety and racing thoughts

Stay Focused on Your Goals

Anxiety has left you struggling. With your heart and thoughts racing. You're still pushing hrough on your vision but it's causing your body to pay a heavy price. Feeling heavy, stuck, and deflated after you've finished a project.

Being caught in this loop of anxiety, pushing through, feeling flat, putting that on repeat, has consequences for you.

Feeling like you are struggling to get through the day, unable to enjoy your accomplishments or being irritated by everyone around you is not normal and you know that.  

You have so many big things that you are working towards and working on.  Pushing through with anxiety does not have to be the normal way you work.

Working with me means you get Support

Support means you are able to feel your body and what you need.  The tools that you learn here become integrated with you and stay with you – once you are done.
Being able to handle new pressures, exciting new projects, and promotions becomes when you have support in place.  

Olethea Pimenta

Here is How We Will Work Together

I know how to help.  I help really high achievers who like to over-deliver and over-perform.  You are blazing a new trail that is far outside what your parents or friends can even understand.

I create new frameworks for you to put in place immediately.  You have new tools that are intuitive and supportive to you and not one more thing you have to think about or manage.

You are not the problem, your feelings of anxiety are. You do not need to push yourself harder or be hard on yourself. You can feel supported. You can feel light, easy and enjoy success and your life.

Let's Connect. I'm 100% Online.

Starting our work together now means support.  I support you in the unsteady parts so you can shine in the parts you excel at.  Being burned out, unhappy and irritated with everyone – is not the price you have to pay for success.

Your Next Steps

If you are ready to have success without the anxiety, let's talk.

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You know that things have to change.  The anxiety and stress that you are dealing with are not going down.  You’re scared therapy is going to cause you to slow down or change everything.  Therapy is about support, new tools, and being more kickass than before.

Get New Tools

Get new tools that are supportive of you.  Instead of struggling to get somewhere new, let me support you and arm you with confidence.  Whether you are ready to take on a promotion, new leadership positions, or starting your own business, let me Equip you.

Build More Love

Move from scarcity and fear to feeling love and abundance.  Instead of having to work so hard and power through, feel ease, support and more love for yourself.  Let me help you be more present and grounded.

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