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  • Harbourfront 245 Queens Quay West

Ok this place may not be ideal in the summer or on the weekends if you don’t like crowds. But walking around here on the wavedeck or along the harbour is really lovely when you need a brain break.

Best for: Feeling burnt out at work but you’re invested in your goal.

Why here: Your feeling a little tired from how demanding you are with all of your work projects.

I get it you’re working your way up, your sights are set high – leading your own team, being a leader in your org. You’re ambitious and motivated but sometimes it’s nice to have a little space to clear your head. The harbourfront is that place – it has a great view of the Toronto skyline. I can’t think of anything more motivating to drive your ambitious spirit. And you have the water at your back.

You’re here: Relax, stroll about and enjoy the waves as you affirm your commitment to your goals, and affirm how important it is to have good mental health on your way to the top.

Remember – you are not a drop in the ocean but the ocean in a drop​

  • Allan Gardens 160 Gerrard St East

365 days of green. Can you say that about any other place in the city? You will see papayas, bananas, flowers, orchids & cacti.  (Windmill, family of turtles, sculpture of Leda and the swan in a pond – check.)

Best for: Relationship problems. When you’ve had a big fight but you still believe in love and beauty.

Why here: You’re feeling stressed because you’ve had a big fight. What was it about – something big but also something stupid. I get it.  It can be really quiet here. Grab a drink and have a chance to just sit on the bench in the cacti garden or near the windmill and take in your surrounding. 

Don’t bother rehashing the argument. It’s more important that you calm down, feel more grounded. It’s more important that you can reconnect to yourself and enjoy the beauty around you. Why? When your fighting you’re either wanting to flee, freeze or fight. Those are your brain’s responses to stress. Communication does not come easily from that place.

You’re here: So slow down, and allow yourself to really take in your surrounding. Let your 5 senses explore and take in a plant or leaf or flower. The first thing to do when having a fight – is not to prepare the best comeback but to self-regulate.

Remember: something about love

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