Therapy for Anxiety

Live your life with
light, love
& confidence

Drop the need for control

Therapy for Anxiety

Live your life with
light, love
& confidence

Drop the need for control

Drop the need for control

Live your life with
light, love
& confidence

Therapy for Anxiety

You deserve a space where you matter most

You know how to take care of everyone else.  You are the ‘go to’ person.  Solving things at work.  Supporting those closest to you, in your relationships.  It’s left you feeling anxious.  Anxious and even more demanding of yourself.  Controlling everything, anticipating the reaction of others, doing your best to avoid disappointment, criticism or conflict.

Is this your story?

Smart, successful, Driven & Strong.  Supporting others is what you do.  You have no sense of what support looks like for you.  But you know you need help.

You want to change things for others – how about for yourself?

Introspective, intelligent, Highly Sensitive.  To the emotions of others, real or perceived.  You feel unsettled in your body and uncomfortable saying or feeling what you need.

You know your sensitivity and intelligence are assets – let me help you make that a reality.

Strong. Determined.  Delivering on Expectations is what you do.  Failure has never been an option, but you want to take a new risk.

You know you want to work for yourself, but supporting that feels scary.  You want to start or grow your business – you’re in the right place.

It's Time to Take Charge

You want strategies and frameworks that create massive impact.  Support at Work.  In your Relationships.  In your Life.  You are done feeling stuck and heavy.

I help anxious, overachievers feel grounded.  I help you go from needing to control everything to helping you discover what it takes to feel light in your body.  Discover more happiness and love in your life.

The Process Is Simple

Here are the Skills You Will Develop as we Work Together





Ready for Growth?

Hi, I’m Olethea.  I help high achievers with anxiety.  You know how to take action but don’t know self care.  Therapy allows you to supercharge what you want to do in your life; at work and in your relationships.

I help my clients move towards integration of body and mind.  With empathy, humor and care I support and challenge you to reallly ask what you need.

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"Let's rework what success means for you. Walk away empowered. Listening to your body and your intuition with more confidence about what you need and how to get it."​

Olethea Pimenta


Your Next Steps

If you are ready to have success without the anxiety, let's talk.

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You know that things have to change.  The anxiety and stress that you are dealing with are not going down.  You’re scared therapy is going to cause you to slow down or change everything.  Therapy is about support, new tools, and being more kickass than before.

Get New Tools

Get new tools that are supportive of you.  Instead of struggling to get somewhere new, let me support you and arm you with confidence.  Whether you are ready to take on a promotion, new leadership positions, or starting your own business, let me Equip you.

Build More Love

Move from scarcity and fear to feeling love and abundance.  Instead of having to work so hard and power through, feel ease, support and more love for yourself.  Let me help you be more present and grounded.

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