Couples Therapy

Communication Issues! Are you turning to the silent treatment, or just staying silent on key issues.  


Welcome, I help couples get better in their communication. I help you both communicate, so the small problems and big problems get addressed in your relationship.

Maybe your partner or you have already talked about going into therapy.

On average couples wait 6 years before seeking help in their relationship! Ready for action now?      



Let me help guide your conversations.

I give couples tools.  Tools of awareness, understanding, and compassion for each other.

Here’s how:

I’m direct.

I get deep quickly.

I listen to what you’re saying and support you with the stuff you’re afraid to say.


It is possible to have a different way of communicating with your partner than you did in your home family.  Yeah, really.  If open communication was not encouraged, or your feelings were not validated, it can be hard to communicate that way with your partner.


Benefits: Honest Communication, Increased Trust & Intimacy, Support for your Relationship, and Concrete ways of getting Unstuck.

Are you ready? Contact me to set up a free 15 min consult to discuss your needs and develop a game plan for relationship success.


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