Photos of My Office

 Supporting Relationships (1)I practise in a house, clients have shared with me that they feel there is a healing energy in the space.

The entrance is very private and welcoming! There is lots of street and paid parking in the area.






Supporting Relationsjhips1 (1)



Feel free to come early and give yourself those extra minutes to feel grounded in the space.

Whether you just want to have a quiet minute or share a moment with your partner, the space is yours.





Supporting RelationshipsO Pimenta Therapy



Sessions take place in my office on the main floor. The room is very sunny and bright and clients say it feels homey.

Outside of work and home, the therapy room becomes a space in which you can feel nurtured and supported to work on those challenging aspects of your life.



*Please note, even though I practise on the main floor, there are 6 steps to the entrance of the house. This is an older house and does not have a barrier free access. There is a washroom, which is located on the 1st floor. It does have a flight of stairs with a left hand railing.  I deeply regret not being able to provide a barrier free acess. For clients who are interested in working with me and for whom accessibilty is an issue please contact me for your specific concerns.  We can also discuss if my virtual practise might be a better fit for you.

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