Credentials and Training

I am qualified as a Registered Psychotherapist # 004050 + Counsellor CAPT 649

2 Year Masters at OISE, UofT 

5 Year Training to be a Registered Psychotherapist at the Gestalt Institute of Toronto (accredited at a Masters level by the College of Registered Psychotherapists) 

Ongoing Training with Terry Real in Couple’s Therapy, author of New Rules of Marriage and Sue Johnston Founder of Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples. 


My training consists of theory and learning from therapists doing live sessions with individuals and couples. I work to not only share clinical knowledge with you but ask you to experiment with me.

This process leads to faster results for you. You are able to integrate what we discuss not just intellectually but in a more holistic way that includes your body.


The most essential part of my training has been my own personal therapy – individually and with my partner. I respect your courage to be in therapy.  I believe that respect is central to our relationship. I focus on co-creating and collaborating with you not being an ‘expert’.


If you feel that this approach to therapy is what you have been looking for, please contact me for a 15 minute consultation.

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