Singles Therapy

Just got out of a relationship, or are not sure how you are feeling about the “I still have time to figure things out” approach to dating or well life?

If you are wanting to really look at where you are in your life, that means your relationships, yourself and your work. I can help.

I help women make the big changes they want in their life.

Changes that you want to make but feel overwhelmed by the magnitude of the process. This means getting that great relationship, work and life that you want. This is about being supported in your fear of failure. This is about aligning what you secretly want for yourself and being comfortable going for it. This is about support to stop waiting for things to change. This is about having me support you with those changes now.


How you show up, in one place of your life, is how you show up in all of the other the places.


Working with me means that we look at where you are holding yourself back. I help show you some of the ways your old patterns of protection, old patterns of family rules and obligations and just old fears are still informing your decisions in the present.


This is a no-judgement atmosphere, we examine, we look, we bring attention to what is happening for you in the present, in your body and then we explore. Actionable tools, better connection with your heart and head, and being able to make decisions. We check if you still need those ways of seeing yourself. We question what you need in the moment, to help shore up your boundaries. Helping create healthy relationships for you with yourself and with the other. In the world of work, love and relationships.


Ready to stop imaging and start doing? Contact me to set up a consultation. I work intensely. I work online. Let’s talk for 15 minutes and see how we can make a game-plan for success.




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