Individual Therapy

What if you could tell your loved ones how you were feeling?

What if you could make positive changes in your life?

What if you could feel comfortable with your emotions?



Being in therapy allows you the chance to really work on these questions. Therapy gives you the space to know yourself better and really work to develop new ways of getting unstuck from the same old patterns of anger, anxiety, and self-doubt.

My strengths are in helping you develop better awareness and boundaries with the following issues.


Anxiety: Creating awareness for the sensations of anxiety in your body & mind, helping you ground your anxiety. Check out how I can help support you in understanding and processing your anxiety.





Anger: Creating awareness for misplaced anger, aggression, passive aggressiveness, being scared of your anger. Developing a healthy understanding and expression of your anger.


Isolation: Creating awareness for the resiliency and self-support that you have available. Supporting you in taking safe risks to make contact with others.


Loss & Grief: Supporting you in grieving the loss of a loved one or relationship. Allowing you to experience the support that may have been missing and supporting you to find ways to experience closure for yourself.


Self-Esteem/Self-Doubt: Creating awareness for you on valuing yourself. Moving away from seeking the instant hit of approval and validation from a dating app or others to genuinely being present for yourself and the other.


Sadness: Creating awareness for your sadness especially how you avoid your sadness. Helping you develop resiliency by going into your fears and really exploring your worst case scenario.


If you feel that you would like to address the impact that these emotions might be having on you and your relationships with others, please get in touch.



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