Engaged! Pre-Marriage Counselling

Here’s why Smart Couples go to Therapy before Tying the Knot.


Chances are you’ve known each other for a few years, you’ve lived together, travelled together.

Look,  you’ve had some problems during this time and you are bringing those issues in with you to your marriage.


Instead of waiting for them to be BIG Problems, I work with you now to help clear things up.


I help you better understand the dynamics that you have at play in your relationship. Issues we work on: communication, trust, feeling secure, decision-making styles, trigger spots in your relationships.


Helping you also as you navigate and set boundaries with your extended family for the first time. Instead of feeling conflicted between your future spouse and parent. I hold the space for both of you to make decisions as a couple.


Having this time for yourself as a couple is so powerful.


It helps you have that perspective and communication in place when you are motoring on in your relationship.  Moving from wedding planning onto baby, new place, master’s, work stuff – this list does not slow down.


Let me help you make the small shifts you need right now – so this life stuff becomes easier together. Ready? Contact me for a free 15-minute consultationion

Engaged! Pre-Marriage Counselling



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